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If you’re visiting and wondering what do we do? We video interview professionals of all career types asking them all the questions you’d want to ask if you had the opportunity. Not everyone has access in their network to a whole host of different careers and professionals and that’s why we created Career Insights. We try to create videos that recreate being able to have a coffee and an opportunity to ask a professional about their job, how they got started, what their day to day is like, what professional bodies or courses you should look into, etc.

You may be here out of curiosity or you may be looking for something in particular. Whatever the reason you are here we are determined to give you a helping hand.

We are working on creating the most insightful collection of career videos, to provide you with real world insights, straight from the mouths of real professionals to support you through your career decision making.

Explore our video library or contact us if there is a career you would like to hear more about.

If you or anyone you know have a career journey that you would love to share please get in touch at hello@career-insights.co.uk.

In addition to our career videos, there will be a host of blog posts supporting our videos and exploring useful career topics along the way. Such as CV writing, learning more about internships, work experience etc. So, watch this space.

You can find us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook too, where we give you a sneak peek into upcoming videos as well as career facts and interesting musings.

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