Our vision with Career Insights was born out of the desire to help students and career changers find their career calling.

Surveys estimate that around 50% of us are unhappy at work and when you consider we’ll spend over a third of our life there, it’s a pretty depressing outlook and one that needs addressing.

We spoke to friends, family and colleagues to see if this statistic resonated with them as much as it did with us and the overwhelming feedback was yes! So we looked at the difficulties we all have, a limited network to talk too, a lack of insight into what a new or different career entails, and a lack of advice from the experts.

This exploration continued until you guessed it Career Insights was born. Since then we’ve invested tens of thousands of hours in sourcing, interviewing, and editing interviews from professionals. We won’t lie it was a huge gamble for us to pursue this but the messages we get from people has made it all worth it, we feel incredibly lucky that so many of you have written to us to tell us what a help this has been as it gives us huge motivation to keep producing more amazing content!


We are always looking for companies and professionals to reach out to talk about their journey’s and help inspire generations with real world insight.

The majority of us needed help trying to decide what field we wanted to go into but we got very little advice or resource to help us on our way. Who better to learn about an industry or job role than from someone within the industry. One of our most popular videos has been viewed over 20,000 times which is the capacity of the O2. So if you’re questioning who would want to listen to your advice, a lot more people than you might think!

If you are please email jodie@career-insights.co.uk for more information.

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Happy hunting and don’t be a stranger. If you’ve got questions or feedback don’t be afraid to drop us a line, we’re always trying to improve.